Animation & Illustration

Secret Ingredient

Color test for an old animation!

Eindhovens Film Festival

Our Graduation short Cursed won the Golden Camera for Best animation at the EFF 2014!


Picture by Patrick Meis.

Cursed Teaser

Enjoy this short teaser!

Cursed will be shown at KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival as part of their Dutch Delights Program, and later this month at Eindhovens Filmfestival where it’s nominated for best animation.

Nederlands Film Festival


Good news! Cursed has been selected for the Dutch Film Festival! Check out the viewing schedule here.

Concept art





Concept art for a graduation short idea. I wanted to do something with women in the 1920’s. I became interested in Flapper fashion and culture. I tried to get into the mood of that time period.


RunningA runcycle animation as exercise. Based on a post I saw about a officer and her bear companion.